Wednesday, September 19

Insides: Wary Meyers

Wary Meyers rocks! I've been following them since they wrote the tossed and found column for Time Out NY. Did anyone else read that? Anyways if you haven't heard of them go check them out here on their website. 

Wednesday, September 12

Good Stuff: Cats

Because, that was cute and you know it. via squirrelhobbies, here.

Saturday, September 8

Cob Favorites

Love cob houses, who doesn't the following are two of my recent favorites

The Rogman Family Cob Cottage:

Meka Bunch's Creek Cob House:

Sunday, September 2

Insides: Jess Feury

Check out Jess Feury’s amazing home:

You can find Jess’s website here and more photos of her home on the Glitting Plain, here.