Thursday, February 20

Inspired: Locket Life

"She lived her life in somebody's locket.."

Sunday, February 9

Inspried: Taxi Driver

Recently I've been trying to make something like this happen:

So I've develop an obsession with making the perfect drip candles for my fireplace. I know, get a life. But I just started graduate school and when I'm done studying I need something to do that requires absolutely no brain power, like watching candle wax drip. Hopefully it won't result in any fires. Ever since I saw Taxi Driver as a kid, I've wanted to surround myself with candles. Check out these beautiful shots below. 

Last four Steve Schapiro, the rest are screen shots.

Saturday, February 8

Insides: Steve

Steve’s house photographed by Yuli Sato, check out the rest of her photos on her blog, here.