Monday, January 28

Inspired: Cleopatra

I found the painting below, 'Cleopatra' from Laxman Pai's 1964 series 'Ritusamhara', two days ago and have been thinking about it ever since. I've been trying to track down the rest of the painting in the series but have had little luck. I only managed to find one more, which I posted below 'Cleopatra', but still wanted to share. They are both so tragically beautiful.

''Cleopatra', from the series 'Ritusamhara', by Laxman Pai 1964, oil
''Spring', from the series 'Ritusamhara', by Laxman Pai 1964, oil

Sunday, January 20

Insides: Bolshoi Kunale

via Keep Feeling Fascination, here.

Monday, January 14

Good Stuff: My Kind of Pet

My type of pet, nothing is more low maintenance than no maintenance: 

Wednesday, January 9

Insides: Sonia Rentsch

  Sonia Rentsch's floors are amazing; check out the rest of her house here.

Friday, January 4

Insides: Tony Stone

I’m not really one to reblog other people’s posts but this one is too great not to share. Check out Tony’s blog for yourself, here.

Wednesday, January 2

Insides: Anne Parker

Ann Parker has the most beautiful instagram photos. Below are some of my favorites, go check them out for yourself, here.