Thursday, October 30

Insides: Floor Life

Tuesday, October 28

Inspired: Salvation Mountain

I wanted to share some photos of the awesome painted walls at Salvation Mountain in the Colorado Desert. You can find more photos and information about it here. 

Most of the photos are via mociun's instagram account here and the remainder from here, here, and here.

Monday, October 27

Good Stuff: Jeffrey Bale

Jeffrey Bale does amazing work! It was hard to narrow down photos to post because I love almost everything he does. I fell in love with his garden (the photos with the rugs and shrine) years ago and have yet to find anything that can top it. I always figured he had an epic sized back yard because I only saw shots of it taken from an angle. I found this picture below recently and now love it even more because his yard is a "regular yard" as far as location and size go. So cool! If you don't already follow Jeffrey Bales blog, you should definitely go check his work out.

Saturday, October 25

Good Stuff: Indigo Sofas

 Francine Kay
no source
A few of those weren't indigo but close enough. I'm really digging this idea. The photo above and the few below are of the reverse-dyed batik sofas from Anthro. I wish I could buy out the purple/dark hued sofas on the site and make a conversation pit with them. But that's totally not happening on my stupid grad school budget unless I sell a kidney.  Darn.

Monday, October 20

Construction: Peter Aldington

Some screenshots and few others from this awesome video on Peter Aldington's house. I've been a long time fan of his work and have had his book A Garden and Three Houses on my eBay watch list for a while now. If I ever manage to find it for less than $50, I'll be sure to follow this post up with some scans.