Saturday, November 30

Insides: Shahira Mehrez

Friday, November 22

Good Stiff: Smallest Doll in the World

Kind of cute, kind of creepy. 

Early 1900s “Smallest Doll in the World” for sale on Etsy, here.

Wednesday, November 20

Insides: Christophe & Sarah-Linh


Via apartamento issue 10. Photographed by Ola Rindal. Scanned in by moi.

Monday, November 18

Insides: Terence

A little Terence for everybody (and some others). Love this guy

Saturday, November 9

Inspired: Quill work

When I get into something I get a little obsessive

Like that... that pretty much sums it up. Anyways, if you don't follow me on pinterest where I spend most of my computer time/during class. I went pretty crazy with quill work last month and neglected my blog so figured I'd share: