Tuesday, December 18

Recent Favorites: December 2012

Good Stuff: Molly Guy's book shelf

Molly Guy’s book shelf, that is all.

Inspired: Heart of the Dragonfly

I signed up for a silversmithing class that will start in January and have been trying to do a little research in preparation. I have mainly been reading up on Native American jewelery because it has always fascinated me.

One of my favorite designs is the pueblo or dragonfly cross so I spent most of last week trying to get more information on the design and its history. There is little information available on the internet so I turned to amazon and found Heart of the Dragonfly:Historical Development of the Cross Necklaces of the Pueblo and Navajo Peoples. The book was priced at $200 so I tried looking for it on other websites: eBay, bonzana, abe books, the usual only to find out that $200 was a steal!

 Anyways, since I could probably only afford to a buy a page from the book I ordered it through my schools interlibrary loan program a few days ago and it came today. It is a beautiful book. I read the whole thing this morning and wanted to share some photos.

In addition I scanned all the photos from the book to my flickr account for anyone else who is interested in reading this book but can’t afford the high price. You can find the set here.

Monday, December 17

Good Stuff: A Peace Treaty

Shelled out the cash and bought a scarf from The Peace Treaty's  2012 fall collection last month. I had to go on a strict Ramen noodle diet but it was totally worth it. I bought this scarf:

It was worth every penny. Bury me in it. Seriously.