Tuesday, April 23

Insides: Tina's Loft

In love with David Carr-Smith's book, Improvised Architecture in Amsterdam: Industrial Squats. You can read it online, here.

Wednesday, April 10

Insides: Lara Sturgis

I was checking out Justina Blakeney’s class over on skillshare and found these beautiful pictures of Lara Sturgis’s home! You can find her the link to Lara’s pictures here and Justina’s class, here. 

Tuesday, April 9

Good Stuff: Navajo Dye Charts

I have been wanting a Navajo dye chart since I first saw one on a school field trip in elementary school. I was a weird kid and now perhaps I am a strange adult because I still want one.

They are pretty expensive, so I've been thinking about making one myself. I found a book full of Navajo dye recipes (click here to download the pdf) on Arizona University's website last week and was trying to track down some of the plants when I found a miss listed dye chart for $30! It came today and guess what? It's as glorious as I always hoped it would be :)

Sunday, April 7

Recent Favorites: Theo Gosselin

His blog here and his flickr here.

Good Stuff: Britt by Britt

Check out more of her insaaaanely beautiful dream catchers, here