Monday, August 25

Good Stuff: Inspiration Boards

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Thursday, August 21

Good Stuff: Incense Ideas

Burn it in a wood incense holder like this awesome hand carved beauty. Image via Incausa's Instagram account.

Burn it symbolic Song Dynasty scholar style like this guy, no big deal. Image via that guy.

Burn it in a cup full of white ash Kodo style. Add the mica plate and draw lines like you know what your doing for extra cool points. Image via Persolaise.

Burn it in a slighty creepy but ultimately cool holder, hand casted from a whalebone vertebrae. Um what? Image via Otherwild.

Burn it inside a circle of sweet grass. Image via erinconsidine on instagram.

Burn it in a bowl sitting on a tray that's on top of a cloth. Because layers are always awesome. Image via y_yukarifurikake on instagram.

Burn it in a footed bowl because footed bowls are also always awesome. Image via rodolfosagahon on instagram.

Burn it resin style because not only does it smell great it also looks cool on display. Lara Sturgis’s home, image via skillshare.

Burn it in a frankincense mug (and then let me know where you bought it because this is awesome). Image via  Eric Lafforgue's Flickr account.

Don't burn it at all, and get one of these beautiful L’Artisan Amber Balls. Each ball contains amber resin and is hand carved from terracotta by a mother/daughter team in France. Image via rip+tan.

Burn it in a cool Japanese ceramic boxed incense burner. Image via 3ho50 on instagram.

Burn Palo Santo Wood Incense because let's face it, it looks cool just burning all by itself. Image via Cool Hunting.

Burn it in a bowl like this cool metallic beauty. Image via mei102mom on instagram.

Sunday, August 17

Tuesday, August 12

Insides: Greek Homes Part Deux

Some more scans for you.  If you missed part one, check it out here and again I uploaded more to a set on my flickr account here.