Thursday, November 29

Extra Moccasin Patterns

All the Above Patterns are from a great book, Craft Manual of North American Indian Footwear.
Also if you interested in purchasing some patterns you can check out this website. I have bought a lot of patterns and these are my favorite. You get three patterns in one set and they have a huge pull out so you don't have to draw your own patterns. They are a bit pricey though which sucks. The point of making my own moccasins was to save money. But after its all said in done all the patterns and books I bought probably add up to a pricey pair of moccasins haha. Oh well its been a lot of fun. :)

Tuesday, November 27

Inspired: Ritual Wall and Floor Decoration in India

“Ritual Wall and Floor Decoration in India” by Oppi Untracht
Scanned from Graphis magazine
via my new favorite blog une collecte

Update: Bag in Progress

I've been trying to make a bag similar to this Vannessa Mooney bag I saw in the Free People Catalog this month. It's a little rough but if I can get it right I'll post a DIY soon.

Insides: A Guide to the Woodbutcher's Art

Those were a few of my favorite scans from the book, Handmade Houses: A Guide to the Woodbutcher's Art. I scanned the rest of the photos in the book to a set on my flickr account which you can find here, if you are intrested. 

Wednesday, November 14

Insides: Karie Reinertson

Check out Karie and Robert's awesome new place. You can find them on their website Shelter, here.