Saturday, September 28

Insides: Sophie Buhai

Most photos via this awesome site, rip + tan.

Friday, September 20

Inspired: Mudflaps

Below are bicycle mudflaps that were cut from lengths of tyre inner tubes and are decorated with a selection of lucky charms and images of Bollywood film stars. Is it weird that I dig these, a lot?

Saturday, September 14

Flickr Favorites: Mangosteendream

I’m majorly in love with Mangosteendream’s flickr stream, go check it out for yourself here.

Saturday, September 7

Construction: Adobe Homes

I recently scanned Mud, Space & Spirit: Handmade Adobes into my computer. Here are a few of my favorite photos:

If you are interested in seeing more I uploaded the rest of my scans to a set,  here,  on my Flickr account.