Monday, December 15

Good Stuff: Pachypodium

All I want for Christmas is one of these tress. I pretty sure it's a Pachypodium rosulatum var. gracilius but I could be/probably am terribly wrong. I haven't been able to find anything but seeds which is so not happening. I have a hard enough time with fully grown plants, I doubt I could handle growing one. Anyways some picture:

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Friday, December 12

Insides: Pippa Small


Tuesday, December 9

WOI: January 2015

This month's issue of World of Interiors was great. I switched over to a digital subscription a little while ago because I am running out of shelf space. So the photo quality is a little lacking but here are some screenshots of my favorites photos:

Friday, December 5

Insides: Caribbean Style

I ordered this book ages ago after Coyote Negro recommended it. I purchased it in a lot of five Suzanne Slesin books (Greek Style, Indian Style) because it was only listing with a picture of the actual books and covers. Apparently I purchase too many books online however, because I didn't notice Caribbean Style, the book I specifically purchased this lot for, was missing. Wooo, go me! The seller found it while cleaning, realized they didn't include it and shipped it to me last week. So yeah for that awesome seller and yeah for this awesome book. Here are a few scans, I will try to put a few more up later next week.