Saturday, March 29

Inspired: Napalese Textiles

Woolen front apron worn by Sherpa women made up of three 2/2 twill weft-faced c. 19 cm-wide panels. The fine single weft yarn is hand spun and colored with natural dyes.
Beautiful shades of natural dyes in a woolen apron traditionally worn again by Sherpa women.

Traditional Shawl pattern from east Nepal in a variety of new colors using silk as well as cotton

The traditional Atpare Rai patterns are now embroidered in a wide range of colors in a variety of materials. The reverse of the shawl is equally attractive.

first trials by a dhaka weaver from Pokara using a wider variety of colors.

a traditional warp-faced Jute panel

Details of a supplementary-weft-patterned shawl.

Shawl, pachaura, with traditional colors and patterns from Pokhara in west Nepal.

The dot and line pattern is achieved by an unusual method of block printing practiced by the Newar Chippah (dyers' caste) who settled in east Nepal.

Shawl weaving sample. The weaver tried out different warp and weft colors and a variety of patterns. This Limbu weaver was the first to start her own workshop,employing and training other weavers.

A traditional topi strip with white warp and left, and three trials by weavers using a wider range of colors and yarns in variation of the zigzag pattern, to be used for scarves and sari borders.

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