Tuesday, June 10

Insides: Howard Munce

I don't know if you guy's are familiar with Five O' Clock Magazine but it's quite a cool site. Their target audience is mainly men but I started following their website last year because one of my favorite photographers, Brian Ferry, shoots for them regularly.

The website has a feature called "The Method" that captures the morning routines of different men around NYC. Although the interviews are typically an interesting read the photos are generally lacking. The website posts around 5-6 photos a feature and I always find myself wanting more. Last year when I saw Howard Munce's feature this was particularly the case so I was thrilled when I found the rest of the shoot in Brian Ferry's Blog archives.

Howard is a man of tremendous style. The 97 year old illustrator, writer, painter and occasional sculptor has lived with his wife Gerry in the home below for over 50 years.  Howard's house makes it evident that he has had a long and full career. Howard's art is piled through out the home making it what he laughing calls a house of details. 

If you are interested in reading Howard's interview you can find his feature on Five O' Clock Magazine, here and the full shoot on Brian's blog here.

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