Friday, August 8

Insides: Marble and Milkweed

I've been following Marble and Milkweed since I saw her product line in an issue of Vogue in the picture above. I actually don't ever buy Vogue but when my grandma died, my mom had her magazine subscriptions forwarded to the house, which is actually really weird that she had a subscription thinking about it now that I write this. But she wasn't really a typical grandmother. She had lots of boyfriends and drove across country in a mini van, but that's beside the point. Marble and Milkweed has the most amazing studio. I think my favorite thing is that color wheel on her bulletin board. I have no idea what its function is but if it's a color guide to essential oils, which I like to think it could be, that would be awesome. Am I right? Anyways I have no idea why I'm writing so much tonight. Check out her studio below before this gets weird:

Photo's via Marble & Milkweed's instagram account here and blog here.

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