Saturday, November 29

Insides: Decorating with Textiles

Some more scans from the book Decorating with Textiles? Living with Textiles? or a combination of both. I'll get back to you on the actual name of the book, and update this when I find it again. I've been cleaning out my apt this week so it would take a lot of digging at this point. The book has a lot of great photos, a little outdated but I'm always looking for new ways to display what is now becoming a ridiculous collection of textiles. While cleaning this past week I noticed I have way too many long skinny panel textiles and nothing to do them with them short of carpeting my walls. Sure, there are worse problems to have, but it's stressing me out. That sounds pretty lame/is pretty lame, sort of like this paragraph. So here, photos:


  1. Hello, I also have this book (mine is packed up in a storage unit) but I think it is called Living with Decorative Textiles. Wonderful book even though it is older. I really enjoy your blog, very inspiring!

  2. so carpet your walls. and doors. rotate the textiles. use them!