Wednesday, March 26

Good Stuff: Botanique Terrariums

The first time I saw a terrarium was in an Anthropologie catalog (in the picture below). It is strange  that  I remember that, but I was pretty excited. I showed them to my mom, naturally assuming, as objects of such beauty, we would need to buy 100 of them for our house, immediately. Which obviously didn't happen but I was pretty disappointed when we didn't even buy one. As it turned out they are from the 70s like many good things are and my parents don't buy anything reminiscent of the era because they say they lived through it, been there done that, yada yada.

Though I myself have been on the search for the perfect terrarium ever since I found out they existed. I've found it many times over but they are all out of my budget while I'm in school. As a curtsy to my future self however, I keep a  real job/future terrarium list and botanique terrariums just made it. check out these beautiful things:


All the pictures are via their website here.


  1. Love your blog... My name is Alyson and I am the founder of Botanique. Thank you for your lovely write-up! xx

  2. Wow, thanks Alyson :) I'm so flattered. Your terrariums are so stunning, I couldn't help but share.