Sunday, April 13

Good Stuff: Walls?

I posted some Taschen scans on pintrest a month ago and quite a few people have asked me which book they were from so I figured I'd throw some of them up on here for everyone who wanted to know the source. All of these and the other scans I posted were from African Interiors (25th Anniversary Special Edtn),  here. The book is massive so I promise I'm not ruining it for you if you were planning on getting it yourself. 

So that's that, I was actually planning on posting those photos on here last month but ended up just uploading them to my pinterest account because I didn't know how to write this post.

 "Oh hey, Tricia. What do you like?" 

"Um you know, I like long walks on the beach, candle-lit dinners and walls"

Define liking walls, what would that even entail? See my problem, things could get weird. I guess if it's pondering the definition of "liking walls" and  hoarding pictures of great ones, then uh I like walls. Here are some of those hoarded photos, also from a Taschen book, Indian Interiors. I don't remember where all of them came from but most of them were from flickr. thank you mysterious taschen scanner,

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