Monday, April 21

Insides: Miep Jukkema

Here are some beautiful pictures of Miep Jukkema's house scanned from Elle decor on NIBS' blog. I saw the second picture of her daybed a few years ago and loved it, so I was excited to get to see the rest of her home.

I love old things. I like to be able to make them my own and be creative, whether it’s by changing a piece with new fabric or painting it. I also like to enter someone’s world, to be able to see the history of a piece.”
-Miep Jukkema, on her decorating style

An outside shot of Miep's beautiful home. It was constructed in 1930's by a carpenter in Holland
Meip thrifted most of her wall art and the daybed belonged to her parents.
Meip placed her desk in front of a large window so she always has a beautiful view of the forest.
Miep has done little to change the house since she bought it, all the original wood paneling is still intact

Miep's bedroom, while I normally don't like simplicity. I love this.

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