Thursday, May 8

Insides: Rooms of Color

I keep my apartment pretty color neutral since I'm always renting and constantly moving. If I ever get my own place however, I hope it ends up looking half as cool as these spaces: 

South Africa: Private Worlds
Photographed by Solvi Dos Santos.
The World of Interiors: March, 1985. 
Photographed by John Vere Brown.
The World of Interiors: August, 2009. 
Photographed by Henry Wilson.
Ellen Anderson via Flickr, here
New York Social Diary: here
Photographed by Jeff Hirsch
Via LA in Bloom
Uploaded to Pinterest, No Source :( 
Via Casa Chaucha.
 Photographed by María Tórtora and Lucía Luna Crook
Betony Vernon's Writing Desk. 
Photographed by Simon Upton.
Heather Neavey's apartment.
 Heather's website here.
The World of Interiors: February, 2014. 
Photographed by Alex Ramsay.
The Crooked House: more photos here
Marc and Tia Swan's website here.
Alberto Perreti 's Kitchen. Photographed by Costas Picadas.  
Unfortunately,  his website no longer works.
Apartamento: Issue #08. 
Photographed by Marcelo Krasilcic.
vtwonen, October 2011. 
Photographed by Jeroen van der Spek.  
Les Paradis Secrets d'Yves Saint Laurent et de Pierre Bergé  
Photographed by Ivan Terestchenko
Eleanor Ambrose's Home via The Society

Himalayan Kitchen. Photographed by Natalia Goldfinch.
 Blog here, Flickr here.
 Farmer's Bedroom via Flickr
Photographed by Roger Reuver. His website here.
The World of Interiors: June, 2013.
 Photographed by Ricardo Labougle.
Can't find the source, sorry :(
Marie-Claire Maison via Citypix's Flickr.
Seaside Interiors. 
Photographed by Tuca Reines & Mario de Castro
African Interiors. 
Photographed by Deidi Von Schaewen.
The World of Interiors: November, 2011.
 Photographed by Riccardo Labougle.
The World of Interiors: December, 2013. 
Photographed by Charles Eames.
Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of A Misspent Life. 
Photographed by Mary Randolph Carter.
Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of A Misspent Life. 
Photographed by Mary Randolph Carter.

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