Thursday, July 3

Construction: Cosmic Collider

   Below are some photos of the bus Ryan Lovelace, a surfboard shaper in Santa Barbara, calls home. Ryan decided to move into a bus after bouncing around for a few years.

"I’ve had a slightly abstract vision of ‘home’"

-Ryan interview via, here

   He initially planned on purchasing a step van or delivery style truck to convert into a home but stumbled upon the 1948 Chevy bus below while browsing Craigslist.

"..the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen popped up. It had no information, no price, just the words « Runs, Drives, Stops, Registered ». I was in."

-Ryan, interview via again, here

   After saving up for two months, gathering donations from friends and convincing the previous owners that he would give the bus the second life it deserved, it was his.

   The bus came with a 1964 Volkswagen top end, that was installed during the 60's by a group of Deadheads following the band across the country. He named her the Second Coming of Ophelia after the song by the Band. He has accounts on both tumblr and instagram where he posts photos of the project and the process, hashtagged # cosmiccollider. You can find all the photos above there.

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