Saturday, July 5

Inspired: Plateau bags

    Plateau bags also known as corn husk or Nez Perce bags, have been made since at least 1800 by various Native American tribes residing in the Columbia River Plateau region.

    Plateau bags were used for storage, transport on horses or ceremonial purposes. The bag's bold patterns and designs were used to exhibit the weaving skills of each tribe's women and were often passed down from generation to generation as prized possessions. If you are interested in learning more about the actual weaving process go check out this post on John Howe's blog, here. 

Umatilla women in camp with their Plateau bags. Photo via Oregon Historical Society.
Indian girl with her Plateau bag photographed at the Dalles on the Columbia River around 1900.
An elder tribal women in the process of weaving a Plateau bag. 

    Okay, so now for the best part, color photos! Check these beauties out. Would you carry that? I'd definitely carry that.

    I have a board on Pintrest with more photos if you are interested, check it out here. 

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