Saturday, October 11

Insides More 575 Wandsworth Road

More photos from 575 Wandsworth, mostly floor shots though because that was one of my favorite parts. The national trust site said he used polychrome paint to do the floor in imitation of kilim rug patterns. He painted designs around the existing kilim rug on the floor, and then did a continuation of some of the designs in the other rooms.

 The house's wood work was insanely beautiful but not something I could attempt to DIY on a Tuesday night, or er, how about ever. The floors though I could handle and would handle if I didn't rent them from someone else.

Also, not floor related but still really cool, two shots of his couches. The description said that they were  pine sofas (made by or adapted by Khadambi Asalache), held together with screws and glue. The cushioned seats were originally upholstered in brown fabric with yellow flowers but our man Khadambi re-upholstered them with two kilim rug fragments. I wish I was that good.

Photos via the National Trust.

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