Thursday, October 16

Insides: Pablo and Veronica

Here are some photos of Veronica Schwartz & Pablo Castro's place and the write-up Pablo did on their home for Apartamento:

"It was love at first sight. Under the bridge, close to the water, an old abandoned chandelier factory with its trash on landscape. Mountains of old wires and electrical dust. Paint lakes. With one big skylight. A tiny toilet and a huge iron sink. Brick walls, wood-beam ceilings and concrete floors. 

We got together with a friend and figured out the layout for what we wanted to do; keep the structure, recycle as much as possible and keep it simple. One big room for the living room, a green garden and a kitchen. Scouting for furniture all over NYC, demolitions, eBay and vintage garage sales. 

It was a big project and we knew it would take us more than a few years to set it up as we wanted. We got a lot of plants from friends on the move and some others from nurseries and farmers markets. Figs, passion vine, rubber tree, orchids, berries, aloe…

The house is always moving, always changing scenario, but keeping the garden under the sun.Traveling was also part of the project. We went to the south, Asia and America. From where we bought back part of each and blended it into our atmosphere."

 It was issue #08 if you want to check out the whole story in print.

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