Friday, April 27

Good Stuff: Deerskin Everything

I've been seriously digging all things leather this month but a lot of my favorite piece are too pricey for my budget. So I decided to try to make some myself. I love throwing myself into projects and have been going crazy recently trying to recreate some of my favorites and make some original pieces of my own. I dropped a ton of money this month buying deer hides and tools and have been working non stop making leather jewelry in my free time. I want to start making bags and shoes soon but first things first. Making leather jewelry is great to get familiar with the basics. I plan on working my way up. I'm going try to share some of my projects in case anyone else wants to start dabbling with leather too. Here are a few of the pieces that got me into this mess :)

Torchlight Jewelery
Deerskin Moccasin Boots via Made
more Torchlight Jewelery
T Smith Knowles, always out of this world. 

Moontive Bags
An awesome pair of 80s moccasin boots I scored off of eBay.
Heyoka Leather greatness

Heyoka+Torchlight Clutch

More T Smith

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  1. hey! where are those shoes from, under the Heyoka Leather greatness? :)