Thursday, April 19

Insides: Interieurs d’Haiti

I posted last time I was going refrain from jewelry posts its been hard but I finally found something worthy (and non-jewlery related) to post. Here are some pictures from “Interieurs d’Haiti"a beautiful book by Marie-Louise Fouchard and Roberto Stephenson. Check out these beauties:


  1. Love these photos--what a great book!

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  3. Oh wow, these are sublime. Immediately after looking through these photos, I looked around online to see if I could buy a copy of this book somewhere, but it was nowhere to be found (for sale, anyway). I don't know if you found the photos online somewhere or if you scanned them from the book, but either way, thank you so much for posting these! They're wonderful to look at and quite inspiring too, and seeing as I can't find the book anywhere, I imagined I would have never found these without your blog. <3

  4. Thanks everyone for all your nice comments you can actually view the whole book online. here is the link: