Friday, April 27

Make This: Love Heals Mountain Necklace

Love Heals is an amazing jewelry company based in California. For each design sold, 10 trees are planted in Ethiopia. How cool is that? Ever since I saw Vanessa Hudgens wearing this necklace at the Planet Blue Mother Nature party I've been in love. I've been stalking the necklace on eBay but they go for a small fortune, somewhere in the $300 dollar range so I figured I try to make one for myself.

Above are a few close up pictures of the necklace. It looks amazing on but kind of weird off.  Below is a DIY if you want to make one yourself as well.

Part One: 

Step One: Gather: Five or more charms, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, scissors, deerskin, jump rings and jewelry pins

Step Two: Cut out a large circle of leather.

Step Three: Cut six long strands of cord by cutting the leather circle in spiral direction

Step Four: Separate the six leather strands into two sets of three.

Step Five: Knot both sets of three leather cords at the top leaving a little bit of fringe and then braid.

Step Six: When you are finished braiding, knot each of the braids off leaving again a small amount of fringe at the bottom.

Step Seven: Lay the two braids side by side.

Step Eight: Tie the two cords together at the top and then twice near the bottom.

Part Two:

Step One: Cut four small pieces of cord

Step Two: Loosen the bottom knots you made in part one

Step Three: Thread the cord through the knots and then tie them off

Step Four: Tighten knots once you have the cord in place, You can play around with it. I tried it on and adjusted the knots until it felt just right. I had to loosen a few of them and cut some of the fridge. It looks best when the fringe is at different lengths. That is what is so great about this necklace, nothing needs to be perfect.

Part Three:

Step One: Take your charm and place a pin through through the bead hole/hook.

Step Two: Take your pliers and form the pin into a hoop.

Step Three: Then attach your charm now equipped with a hoop onto your jump rings and attach that to a leather knot

Final Results:

I'm so happy with the one I made it looks exactly like the real thing and I got to customize it with my own beads and charms. I've been wearing it everyday since I made it :)


  1. Im so happy I came across your blog. Thanks going to try and make this myself.....

  2. Awesome! Let me know how it goes. I wear mine everyday :)